AIA Colorado Committees & Volunteer Opportunities

Each committee is organized to support existing programs within the organization, to strengthen membership activities and to develop new educational opportunities for AIA membership in areas of greatest interest to the profession and the community. AIA Colorado members are encouraged to become active in these committees. For more information, contact AIA Colorado at 303.446.2266.

AIA/AGC/ACEC Liaison Committee

The AIA/AGC/ACEC Liaison Committee is a joint venture with the Associated General Contractors of Colorado and the American Council of Engineering Companies of Colorado. The committee produces presentations that benefit the three organizations' members and runs the Curt Dale Roles & Relationships Conference. The purpose of this committee is to promote and foster communication and understanding within the design and construction community. The primary goal is to develop an understanding within the industry of the roles, relationships, and responsibilities of designers and contractors. Secondary goals include addressing internal and external issues which affect the member organizations and the industry at large. For more information, contact Alaina Gonzales.

- Open to Membership: Yes, however, members must be appointed

Building Enclosure Council (BEC)

The Building Enclosure Council (BEC) works to increase awareness of building envelope design as a critical aspect of the successful construction and performance of buildings by fostering education of industry professionals. For more information, contact Jenna Ronnebaum.

- Open to Membership: Yes
- Date/Time: First Wednesday of every month from noon - 1 p.m.
- Location: J.E. Dunn, Colorado Center Tower 1, 2000 S Colorado Blvd, 5th Fl., Denver
- Chair: David Milliken, AIA

Gala Committee

In 2014, AIA Colorado, AIA Denver, AIA Colorado North and AIA Colorado South will introduce a combined Design Awards Gala to take place during the Practice + Design Conference in Keystone. Entries from each chapter will still be juried separately, but the presentation of the winners from each chapter will take place at this combined event. We'd love you help planning what's sure to be a great inaugural event! The first meeting will take place on Monday, April 14, from 12:30 - 1:30 p.m., in-person at the AIA Colorado office or via video/conference call. If interested, send your name, email address and phone number to Nicolle Thompson.

- Open to Membership: Yes
- Date/Time: TBD
- Location: AIA Colorado or conference call
- Chair: Ron Izzo, AIA and Dave Anderson, AIA

Government Affairs Committee (GAC)

The Government Affairs Committee (GAC) is primarily involved in state legislative activities and educating legislators on issues that are important to architects. For more information, contact Cathy Rosset.

- Open to Membership: Yes
- Date/Time: First Friday of every month from 1-2:30 p.m.
- Location: AIA Colorado
- Chair: Karen Harris, AIA

History Committee

The History Committee is responsible for researching, compiling and documenting the history of AIA Colorado and individual members who have made a significant impact on the organization. The History Committee is recording a series of oral histories. For more information, contact Alaina Gonzales.

- Open to Membership: Yes
- Meeting Time: on a break for summer 2014
- Location: AIA Colorado
- Chair: Phil Gerou, FAIA

Knowledge Committee

The Knowledge Committee is responsible for determining the annual continuing education calendar. This is your chance to be involved in determining what YOU want to see for next year, including the content for our new online learning platform. For more information, contact Nicolle Thompson.

- Open to Membership: Yes
- Meeting Date/Time: Once monthly beginning July 15, 2014
- Location: AIA Colorado or via video conference
- Chair: TBD

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee is responsible for welcoming new members and familiarizing them with AIA Colorado and the local chapters (including how the organization functions, how to get involved, etc.) and for supporting current members (networking, assisting with issues, recognizing member accomplishments, etc.). For more information, contact Emily Ewing.

- Open to Membership: Yes
- Meeting Date/Time: n/a - seeking committee members
- Location: AIA Colorado
- Chair: TBD

Practice+Design Conference Committee

The Practice+Design Conference Committee plans the annual statewide conference. The committee will work on the Practice Conference, the one-day event in conjunction with the Design Conference, which focuses on teaching practical business skills (i.e. marketing and business development, human resources, project accounting, public speaking, starting a firm, etc.) to architects and their administrative staff. The committee will also help plan the Design Conference by developing the conference theme, inviting speakers and coordinating the schedule. For more information, contact Nicolle Thompson.

- Open to Membership: Yes
- Meeting Date/Time: Download 2014 Schedule
- Location: AIA Colorado
- Chair: Andy Rockmore, AIA & Sarah Semple Brown, FAIA

Professional Development Committee

The Professional Development Committee is charged with fostering mentorship and career development for emerging professionals (students, architectural interns and young architects). This is a joint committee with the University of Colorado Denver. For more information, contact Emily Ewing.

- Open to Membership: Yes
- Meeting Date/Time: n/a
- Location: n/a
- Chair: Christopher Nims, FAIA

Programs Evaluation Committee (PEC)

The Programs Evaluation Committee (PEC) is responsible for analyzing each program and service AIA Colorado offers to its members and ensures resources are applied to the things with most value to architects and emerging professionals. Every program/service will be vetted through this committee. Each PEC member will be appointed; however, interested parties should apply. For more information, click here.

Young Architects Awards Gala Committee (YAAG)

The Young Architects Awards Gala Committee (YAAG) is responsible for the annual awards program that recognizes bright, young designers in the architectural community as well as The Architectural Education Foundation, AIA Colorado scholarship award recipients. For more information, contact Nicolle Thompson.

- Open to Membership: Yes
- Meeting Date/Time: Resume in 2015
- Location: AIA Colorado
- Chair: TBD

Young Architects Forum (YAF)

The Young Architects Forum (YAF) is less of a committee and more of a forum for young architects (those licensed 10 years or less) to come together and serves as a collective voice. YAF organizes seminars at Convention, develops programming for career development, and gives guidance in areas such as mentorship, practice management, and responsibility of the architect. For more information, contact Brittany Karstrand.

- Open to Membership: Yes
- Meeting Date/Time: Varies
- Location: Varies
- Co-chairs: Adam Harding, AIA and Cynthia Fishman, AIA