Through the University of Colorado, AIA Colorado has established a mentoring network of volunteer licensed architects who offer to meet with architecture and design students and interns to share real-world experiences and offer guidance as they prepare for careers in the design profession. The AIA Colorado Professional Development Committee oversees these activities.

The goal of this mentoring network is to provide an additional vehicle for young professionals to seek guidance and information about their chosen career as they progress through the architectural profession. This is an opportunity for practicing licensed architects to help and guide future architects, and to pass on valuable life lessons that young professionals can use. For protégés, this is a chance to take a glimpse into the world beyond academics and internship, and potentially develop a long-lasting relationship with a fellow practitioner.

How it Works
Mentors and protégés meet at times and places convenient to them. There are no rules, no minimum requirements, no time limits, and no promises of employment. The meetings may take place in person or via phone or email. The type and frequency of contact is determined by the mentor and the protégé. Twice each year, mentors and protégés will be asked to make an evaluation of how the mentor relationship is proceeding and to offer suggestions for the future.

Sign Up!

To enroll in the program, complete the Mentor Form or Protégé Form and submit it to Christopher Nims, FAIA.

Other Resources
Local mentorship not for you? Check out AIA National's Mentorship Program.